Growth Hacker Academy

What is the Growth Hacker Academy?

I growth hacked alongside Vally over the span of 16 months. And I’m proud to say we built some cool projects and did some awesome fucking work together. I also learned structure and built a rock-solid foundation to expand upon. I’m forever grateful.

You can’t put a price on his experience. It helped refine strategies and was also the lightbulb for new ideas. You never know what crazy stunts and ideas are rattling inside that head.

Without hesitation, one of the best growth hacking coaches. From his expansive knowledge to his personality, you’ll always learn something new, guaranteed. It’s cliche, but if you put in the work (many say it but not many are willing to do it), the doors open and you’ll be flooded with opportunity.

– Chris Lee

The Mycelium Growth Hacker Academy is a mentor/apprentice style course who’s alumni have worked for The Ethereum Foundation, raised tens of millions, and even founded their own agencies.

The course does not charge a fee but instead, for selected applicants, splits all profits earned during the apprenticeship 50/50 between Mycelium Growth and the apprentice.

Since 2019 this has represented hundreds of thousands of dollars in total profit from over a dozen clients.

Vally’s no joke, with his guidance, I was able to nab my first client from my very first cold pitch. He offers a bevy of resources to learn and equal room to teach yourself. Working under him has given me both technique and confidence to approach potential clients on my own.” – Tomi Ogundayo