Bancor Protocol

What is Bancor?

“Bancor is a paradigm shift. It provides convertibility and liquidity to complementary currencies without requiring any counterparty and its risks. Bancor is also a breakthrough that gives the means to eradicate poverty within one generation.”

– Bernard Lietaer, co-creator of the €uro

Bancor is a blockchain protocol to enable the creation of a new type of cryptocurrency called smart tokens. Smart tokens are a form of money that are created alongside a smart contract capable of holding, transacting, and creating/destroying that currency according to a predetermined algorithm. This provided that currency with absolute liquidity, able to be bought and sold on demand without the need to find a counterparty.

Mycelium Growth Work

On June 12, 2017 the Bancor team (myself included) launched our BNT-distribution/crowdfunding campaign. We raised 396,720 ETH (~$153,000,000 USD at the time) in 2.5 hours.

Mycelium’s primary role in the months leading up to and immediately following this world record crowdfund were:

  • Pitching the story to journalists, with successful features in Venture Beat, Hacked, Epicenter Podcast, EconoTimes, NeoCashRadio, and quite a few others.
  • Writing, booking, and presenting the “Bancor – What it is & why it’s awesome” talk in Bali, London, Bangkok, Tel Aviv, and Singapore. Audiences ranged from dozens to >200.
  • Writing the “Bancor – A new global financial system where EVERY currency can be liquid” blog post, which has received 8100 views and a 27% read ratio.
  • Helped onboard dozens of the first smart tokens creators. This involved pitching, helping craft tokenomics, planning and launching their TGEs, and educating/pitching their team & audience.

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