Welcome to the beta site

So we’re a small team of growth hackers, headed by crowdfund-world-record-breaking Vally Azar.

We’ve helped launch the ICOs of Golem (ICO world record at $8.6m), Bancor (crowdfund world record at $153m), Bitnation, HelloGold, and others.

We’ve gotten on publications like TechCrunch & Forbes, The Daily Mail & Men’s Fitness Magazine for everything from cricket-based nutrition powder to Martial Artist IoT to multitools to using growth hacking tactics to get dates on Tinder.

Our approach is simple: we track every data point and test every assumption. We’re endlessly tweaking & testing & optimizing everything we can get our hands on, and we track every single data point from its origin to either falling out of the funnel or becoming a KPI point.

Currently, we are considering new projects but are also working with multiple clients (hence the low priority on website redesign). If you’d like to get in touch, send us an email to hey at myceliumgrowth.com.

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