What is Golem Network

Golem is a completely decentralized, 100% open sourced supercomputer made up of a global (potentially interplanetary) network of everything from personal laptops to entire data centers. It uses Ethereum as a transaction & reputation layer.

It creates a sharing economy for spare computing power, so that anyone with a personal computer can connect it to the Golem Network and make an automated side income. Think AirBnB for computing power.

The Golem Network reduces the cost and increases the speed (sometimes by orders of magnitude) of everything from…

  • Scientific research, from DNA research to finding new biofuels to searching for alien life to predicting & mitigating the effects of climate change to analyzing experimental results from the Large Hadron Collider.
  • Graphics rendering, so that everything from uber realistic virtual reality video games & movies to architectural & designer renderings can be done uber fast and cheap.
  • Artificial intelligence & machine learning, so that everything from training a game AI to play video games really well to teaching self driving cars to creating a smarter-than-humans artificial intelligence being can be done faster.
  • Data analysis, from predicting future results on the stock market to analyzing written text for emotional analysis to crunching the data on traffic accidents.
    Cryptocurrency mining, to create efficient & decentralized mining pools to serve as the backbone of cryptocurrencies.
  • … and just about anything else that requires heavy computational power.

Golem can eventually become the computing power behind almost the entire decentralized internet 3.0.

Mycelium Growth Work

On Nov 11, 2016, the Golem team (myself included) launched our GNT-distribution/crowdfunding campaign. We hit our cap of 820,000 ETH (~$8,600,000 USD at the time) in 29 minutes.

Mycelium Growth successfully pitched the launch story to TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Coin Telegraph, Finance Magnates, The Blockchain Show, News BTC, Deep Dot Web, Blockchain News, Silicon Angle, and over 20 other publications.

Mycelium Growth authored Golem Network’s:

  • most popular tweet
  • over a dozen reddit posts that made it to the daily top 3 on r/ethereum
  • emails to the list that averaged 49.7% open rates & 15.36% click-through
  • most popular blog post (>35000 views & 37% full-read ratio)

We also mapped & tracked the KPI funnel for the ICO, copywrote the website & other assets, and did greyhat growth work (inquire for details).

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